Care of Metal Propellers:

 Wash your propeller regularly.  While it is a good idea for every owner to wipe down a propeller after use, it is absolutely critical for the Ag plane owner to remove the caustic chemicals that build up with each use.
Send your prop to a Certified Repair Facility for a Midlife Inspection.  Keep in mind that even though your propeller appears to be functioning, internal corrosion, especially in humid climates, could be destroying your propeller.  Catch corrosion early!  

While conducting a Midlife Inspection, have your propeller resealed.  During a reseal the propeller is taken completely apart, a visual corrosion inspection is conducted and all the seals are replaced.  Usually the propeller is repainted and balanced at this time as well.  This relatively inexpensive procedure (half the cost of an overhaul) can add life to your propeller through the early discovery of corrosion and other problems that can destroy your propeller.
Paint your propeller.  Paint helps protect your propeller.  A “Dress and Paint” by a professional will add life to your propeller.  This procedure can be done more frequently, but the mid life inspection is a convenient time to get your propeller painted.

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