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Home Page for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Hartzell Top Props

Harzell Application Guide

Blackmac Kits - MCCauley STC Reference Manual

McCauley Propeller System Technical Guide

Sensenich Metal Propeller Application Guide

Sensenich Propeller Installation Instructions

Sensenich Installation Instructions for Wood Propellers

Type Certificates

A "Type Certificate" is the way the FAA approves the design of an aircraft propeller or other major aviation -related product.  A type certificate authorizes a manufacturer to make the product in the specific way covered by the certificate.  If the manufacturer wants to make a major change to the design of the product, approval from the FAA must be obtained.  In these cases, the FAA issues a "supplemental or amended" type certificate.  To look up a specific Type Certificate for your aircraft, they are available on the FAA website - Type Certificate Data Sheets

Pilot Groups

American Bonanza Society

Maule Pilots Group

Luscombe Association

Piper Flyer Organization

Cessna Flyer Organization

Mooney Pilots Association

Bellanca Champion Club

AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The National Business Aviation Association

Experimental Aviation Association

Aviation Weather Report and Forecast

Airport Search