"I had a prop strike.  Is my aircraft propeller repairable?"

If you can repair the damage to the propeller tips and still maintain a diameter (the total length of your propeller) greater than the minimum propeller diameter as prescribed by the manufacturer, your aircraft propeller may be repairable.  While some props do not allow for any reduction in diameter, others will allow up to 2 inches.

If the leading edge, trailing edge, surface or tip of the propeller is damaged and in repairing the propeller the technician has to reduce any one of the dimensions below minimum dimensions allowed by the manufacturer, the propeller is not repairable.

If the blades are beyond repair, the hub is generally not reusable.  Sometimes the internal parts of the hub can be reused after appropriate inspection.  The manufacturer’s manual will outline any exceptions. 

Call us and we will help you make an informed decision regarding the repairability of your aircraft propeller.

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