We can supply the complete line of Sensenich Aircraft Propellers....Fixed Pitch Wood, Fixed Pitch Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Ground Adjustable

Call us regarding the complete line of Sensenich aircraft propellers including fixed pitch wood propellers for antique, light sport and experimental aircraft as well as aluminum propellers for general aviation aircraft.  We can supply Sensenich propellers for experimental aircraft such as Van's RV and Glassairs and carbon fiber ground adjustable propellers for light sport aircraft using Rotax, Jabiru, Continental and Lycoming engines. 

We stock the most common Classic Sensenich Wood Propellers and often have refurbished propellers available.  All of our Sensenich wood aircraft propellers are FAA certified and feature laminated birch construction with riveted brass leading edges.  Our pricing on the full line of Sensenich propeller is always competitive. 

Choosing between a fixed pitch wood or a fixed pitch metal propeller....

While wood propellers are not certified for many planes, when they are certified there are some advantages:

  • Wood props are lighter and result in an increase in payload.
  • Wood propellers cause less vibration.  While metal props accumulate invisible flaws from vibrations and flexing, wood props are not affected.
  • In the event of a prop strike, the wooden propeller will itself be destroyed but in most cases not damage the crankshaft. 
  • After a metal prop strike, the engine should be disassembled and inspected. Wood props must be sent back to the factory for overhaul.
  • Wood props are generally the less expensive choice.

 Most new airplane designs require metal propellers:

  • Metal propellers are more efficient because of a thinner airfoil design.
  • A certified prop shop can change the pitch of a metal propeller.  (This change in pitch must of course comply to the manufacturer’s specifications.) 
  • Metal propellers can be overhauled at any FAA certified propeller facility.
  • Metal propellers retain their value better than wood as a trade-in for resale. 

Tapered Crank Shaft or Flanged Crank Shaft?

When ordering a fixed pitch propeller, it is important to know the difference between a tapered crank shaft and a flanged crank shaft.  Be sure to alert your sales person as to which you have.  The bolt kit for each is different and not interchangeable.  A tapered shaft may require bushings in the back of the propeller.  A tapered crank shaft is pictured bottom left and a flanged crank shaft is pictured bottom right. 

Sensenich Classic Wood Propellers feature laminated birch construction with brass leading edges.

Sensenich Fixed Pitch Aluminum Propellers are competitively priced

On Sensenich Ground Adjustable Propellers you can select your Color Scheme

We supply  Sensenich to...

General Aviation

Classic Aircraft


Light Sport

Improve your Rotax Powered Aircraft’s performance and looks with a Sensenich carbon fiber 3 blade ground adjustable  propeller  

We sell Sensenich's Classic Wood 72 inch Propeller Wall Mount  -
These Beautiful Wallmounts look just like Sensenich's airworthly models
And ...they sell for only $650 with metal leading edge/ tips