Type Certificates

A type certificate is awarded by aviation regulating bodies to aerospace manufacturers after it has been established that the particular design of a civil aircraft, engine, or propeller has fulfilled the regulating bodies' current prevailing airworthiness requirements for the safe conduct of flights under all normally conceivable conditions (military types are usually exempted). Aircraft produced under a type certified design are issued a Standard Airworthiness Certificate.

If the manufacturer or some other organization or person wants to make a major change to the design or use of the product, approval from FAA must be obtained. In these cases, the FAA issues a “supplemental” or “amended” type certificate.  To look up a specific Type Certificate or Supplemental Type Certificate for your aircraft, they are available at the FAA website:  FAA.gov  / Licenses & Certicates / Scroll down to Aircraft / Select Type Certificates or Supplemental Type Certificates

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